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How to calculate the number of rooms in a house

Date: 14th Apr, 2023

How to calculate the number of rooms in a house?

The number of rooms in an apartment or house takes into account all the living rooms with an area between 9 and 30 m². It is advisable to exclude for example the bathroom, the kitchen or the toilets.

Which parts are not taken into account?

The number of rooms in a house is not from taking into account all the living space. It should therefore not include:

  • The bathroom(s).
  • The kitchen.
  • Toilets/WC.
  • The entry hall.
  • Corridors.
  • The landings.
  • The cellar.
  • The laundry room.
  • The cave.
  • Unfinished attic.
  • The staircase.
  • The boiler room.

In practice, the only rooms taken into account for the number of rooms in a house are therefore often the living/dining room, the bedrooms, the office, or even the library. This distinction between "main rooms", intended for living or sleeping, and "utility rooms" is defined and imposed by article R111-1 of the Construction and Housing Code.

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How to calculate the number of rooms in a house

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