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Reduced Properties

This is a current selection of our properties for the search performed, if you do not see what you want then please contact us we have properties coming on to our books daily.

Village house, partially renovated, with garage, barn and outbuilding

WAS: €75000 NOW: €60000

PID. AB11266

REDUCED - 2/3 Bedroom Village House with Splendid Valley Views

WAS: €60000 NOW: €55000

PID. CB10877

REDUCED - House with Garden leading down to the Vienne river.

WAS: €85000 NOW: €70000

PID. CB11011

Reduced - 2 Houses, Garage and Garden for Renovation

WAS: €35000 NOW: €20000

PID. CB10186

REDUCED - 3 Bedroom Immaculate Hamlet Property with Attached Garden

WAS: €192000 NOW: €169000

PID. CB10594

REDUCED - 3 Bedroom End of Hamlet House with Gardens

WAS: €159000 NOW: €149000

PID. CB11177


WAS: €162500 NOW: €148400

PID. CB10759


WAS: €192000 NOW: €149000

PID. CB10678

REDUCED - Detached 2 Bedroom Property - River Views

WAS: €75000 NOW: €70000

PID. CB11104


WAS: €197000 NOW: €171000

PID. CB10189


WAS: €256520 NOW: €189900

PID. CB10335

REDUCED - Amazing Views from this End of Hamlet Home - Terrace and Spa - Land

WAS: €180000 NOW: €149000

PID. CB10888

Reduced - Attractive 3 Bed Fully Renovated House set on 4200m2

WAS: €229950 NOW: €183000

PID. CB10167

REDUCED - Idyllic 5 bedroom Country Home, with Gîte and Pool

WAS: €241500 NOW: €209000

PID. CB11176

REDUCED - 2 Bedroom Village House with Lovely Attached Garden

WAS: €96000 NOW: €76000

PID. CB11172


WAS: €199500 NOW: €159000

PID. CB10355

REDUCED - 5 Bed End of Village Family Home with Barns and Land

WAS: €215000 NOW: €155000

PID. CB10504

UNDER OFFER - 2 Hamlet Cottages, For renovation, Gardens & Barns Total 2202m2

WAS: €49950 NOW: €29500

PID. CB10120

Superb house with pool, jacuzzi and possibilities for guests

WAS: €194000 NOW: €169000

PID. AB10935

Beautiful house with superb, covered terrace

WAS: €129 NOW: €112000

PID. AB10934

Reduced - House with a View! Deceptively Spacious House Edge of Village

WAS: €149500 NOW: €118000

PID. CB10762

Cute cottage with a big barn and land

WAS: €75000 NOW: €66000

PID. AB11195

Reduced - Countryside Smallholding/Equestrian Property with good links to main towns

WAS: €196000 NOW: €187000

PID. CB11106

REDUCED - Prestige Property - 4/6 Bedroom Character House with Room For Expansion

WAS: €262000 NOW: €242000

PID. CB10876


WAS: €219000 NOW: €185000

PID. AB10730

REDUCED - Pretty end of Hamlet Cottage, Gardens and Beautiful Views

WAS: €59000 NOW: €52950

PID. CB10509

Reduced to Sell! - 2 Bedroom House with Gîte/Annexe Opportunity & Manageable Garden

WAS: €73500 NOW: €45000

PID. CB10760

Adorable restored cottage with garage

WAS: €79000 NOW: €69000

PID. AB10965


WAS: €96000 NOW: €89000

PID. AB10601

REDUCED - End of Village House with 2 Barns, Forge and Attached Gardens

WAS: €128400 NOW: €101000

PID. CB10589

Big village house with barn, situated on the banks of a river

WAS: €231000 NOW: €179000

PID. AB10791


WAS: €370000 NOW: €348000

PID. CB10761

**Reduced** - 4 Bed Farmhouse (165m2) set in Small Hamlet with attached Land 5740m2

WAS: €159000 NOW: €100000

PID. CB10079

Magnificent property in good state consisting of a main house, two cottages, a garage and a cottage in original state

WAS: €219000 NOW: €205000

PID. AB10920

REDUCED - Maison de Maître, Gîte, Guest Accommodation, Pool, Gardens, Barns and Land

WAS: €494000 NOW: €448000

PID. CB10968

Inimitable, Character Home surrounded by 2.5 acres of Gardens/Woodland & Orchard

WAS: €199950 NOW: €169600

PID. CB10852

REDUCED - Newly Converted Barn with Attached Garden and Lovely Views

WAS: €265000 NOW: €249000

PID. CB10591

REDUCED - Town House with Commercial Potential

WAS: €127200 NOW: €85000

PID. CB10162

REDUCED - Town House with Exceptional Potential and 52m2 Living Room

WAS: €99640 NOW: €55000

PID. CB10331

REDUCED - Pretty Hamlet House, with 2 Barns, Outbuildings and Attached Garden

WAS: €49000 NOW: €44000

PID. CB10758

Restored house with two cottages to renovate

WAS: €194000 NOW: €184000

PID. AB11121

REDUCED - 5/6 Bedroom Renovated Village House with Second house, Garden and Business Opportunity

WAS: €128000 NOW: €96000

PID. CB10424

Beautiful house and two cottages with a swimming pool in a conservatory

WAS: €460000 NOW: €430000

PID. AB10556


WAS: €73000 NOW: €68000

PID. AB10463

Beautiful property on approx. 10 ha, including a lake of 1.7 ha, fields and wood

WAS: €290000 NOW: €271000

PID. AB10342

Newly renovated 4 Bedroom Village House with attached Garden

WAS: €94300 NOW: €80000

PID. CB10696

**REDUCED** - Hamlet House with Attached Garden, Outbuildings, Sun Terrace and Good Transport Links

WAS: €90000 NOW: €60000

PID. CB10851

Restored farmhouse with outbuildings and lots of land.

WAS: €198000 NOW: €179000

PID. AB11030

Beautifully Renovated House with attached Barns and Extensive Gardens

WAS: €250300 NOW: €233000

PID. CB10616

*Reduced* - Exceptional 4 Bedroom, Renovated House, with Further House to Renovate, In Ground Pool and Land

WAS: €186000 NOW: €174000

PID. CB10839

**REDUCED** 6 Bed Maison Bourgeois, 3 Further Houses on 2.5Ha with Riverside Fishing

WAS: €299950 NOW: €270000

PID. CB10210

Very nice, 4 bedroom house with basement

WAS: €237500 NOW: €210000

PID. AB10612

** Reduced **Equestrian / Fishing / B&B - 1Ha Lake on 12 Ha of Land and Woodland

WAS: €339950 NOW: €299950

PID. CB10390

5 Bedroom Farmhouse/B & B set in Pretty Hamlet with Barns and Garden

WAS: €265000 NOW: €246750

PID. CB10645

Traditional Stone House set in Pretty Hamlet with Attached Gardens, Barn and Swimming Pool

WAS: €222000 NOW: €199000

PID. CB10604

Superb property with out buildings, pool, garden and field

WAS: €325000 NOW: €295000

PID. AB10723

Simply Perfect 3 Bedroom Hamlet Property with Attached Garden

WAS: €80500 NOW: €65000

PID. CB10423

Exceptional Fully Renovated Village House with attached Garden and Vegetable Plot.

WAS: €179000 NOW: €127000

PID. CB10437

**Reduced ** Luxury 4 Bedroom Bungalow, Totally Private with 63m² Conservatory.

WAS: €365000 NOW: €309000

PID. CB10182

Hamlet Cottage for Complete Renovation with attached Garden and Beautiful Views

WAS: €15000 NOW: €13000

PID. CB10626

Nice house with attending cottage in a beautiful garden

WAS: €189000 NOW: €169000

PID. AB10240

3 Bed Village House, Attached Garden with Patio and Swimming Lake (across the lane).

WAS: €65000 NOW: €45000

PID. CB10236

Riverside Setting for this 3 Bedroom House and 2 Bedroom Gite

WAS: €283000 NOW: €248000

PID. CB10503

Magnificent villa with a breath-taking view over the Vienne river and the town.

WAS: €282500 NOW: €247000

PID. AB10267

Attractive 4 Bed Fully Renovated Hamlet House with Garden

WAS: €196100 NOW: €145220

PID. CB10636

Hamlet comprising 23 habitations and 6 building plots on a total of 8 hectares.

WAS: €750000 NOW: €625000

PID. AB10125

Stone Built House, Cottage for Refurbishment with Gardens

WAS: €53500 NOW: €39500

PID. CB10500

3 Bedroom Architecturally Designed House/Barn Conversion with beautiful Countryside Views

WAS: €375000 NOW: €343000

PID. CB10340

Exquisite 4 bed house in Woodland setting with 2 bed Cottage and river access

WAS: €362250 NOW: €293000

PID. CB10277

Beautiful Elevated Riverside Cottage with Gardens, set on a Quite Chemin

WAS: €174900 NOW: €149000

PID. CB10276

Renovated 4/5 Bed Town House with Double Garage

WAS: €132500 NOW: €91000

PID. CB10118

4 Bedroom House set in Pretty and Popular Hamlet with attached Gardens

WAS: €137800 NOW: €111000

PID. CB10128